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We help athletes and active enthusiasts reach higher levels of well-being and performance

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Boundless Performance Medicine in Jupiter was born with the vision of providing each person with exceptional non-pharmacologic and non-surgical care, guided by evidence, at affordable prices. We strive to teach patients how to live a life consistent with his or her most deeply held values, without being hampered by pain.

We offer an innovative and integrated approach utilizing a variety of therapies ranging from modern chiropractic therapy, myofascial techniques, sports rehabilitation, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, and herbal remedies to provide you with the most impactful care. Our aim is to not only correct a problem that is causing pain or suffering but provide you with the tools to keep it that way.

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3 Reasons Why Your (Traditional) Chiropractor Failed


If you're an active or athletic person, you might have tried chiropractic in the past and did not get the results you were hoping for.

In fact, you might have wondered why the care you received seemed so basic for what your active needs were.

  1. Your doctor did not incorporate the latest research into their decision-making process. The goal of evidence-based practice is to incorporate high-quality clinical trials into the treatment protocol to provide timely and appropriate care (for each patient, based on his/her values).
  2. There was no emphasis on "active care". The goals of active care are to; find and correct the true underlying cause(s) of the patient's complaint; empower the patient with self-care regimens and self-confidence; release them from care when they have stabilized.
  3. There was no process of clinical reasoning in the diagnosis process. Clinicians should be able to determine if your pain is coming from a joint, a disc, the surrounding muscle/fascia, or a nerve. Based on the pain-generating tissue, treatment protocols will differ.

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We help athletes and active enthusiasts reach higher levels of well-being and performance.

We help athletes and active enthusiasts reach higher levels of well-being and performance.

We help athletes and active enthusiasts reach higher levels of well-being and performance.

We help athletes and active enthusiasts reach higher levels of well-being and performance.

Total Health Optimization

At Boundless Performance Medicine, we pride ourselves on bringing together both eastern and western medical philosophies. Using both mindsets, we believe we are able to provide the highest quality of care to our patients!

We understand the importance of listening and we strive to truly understand each patient and your unique needs. You should be empowered knowing every person has all the tools necessary to be in control of your body. An important distinction to make is this; it’s impossible to get through life pain-free, but all of us have the ability to live a life free from pain. We want to learn about your diet, sleep, exercise routine, hobbies, how much water you consume, whether you have any structural issues, and the stressors in your life. Before we were doctors, we were athletes and we were patients. We know what it’s like to be frustrated within the healthcare system, and that is why we created a simplified treatment approach.

Services We Provide

Functional Range Conditioning

 Functional Range Conditioning® is a comprehensive joint training system based on scientific principles and research.


The chiropractic adjustment in Jupiter is one of the most powerful and well researched manual therapy tools in healthcare today.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Sport-related injuries, improper body positioning, misuse or overuse, and a sedentary lifestyle can all negatively impact your body

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Acupuncture is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete holistic health care system.

Sports Recovery

Sports and exercise are great ways to keep healthy, but there are often risks involved.

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We help you optimize your body, using science and technology to deliver ultra-personalized guidance.

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The Boundless Performance Method

  • Assess: Finding the root cause of your problem versus treating a symptom.
  • Restore: Using manual therapy, acupuncture, corrective exercise, breathing techniques and nutritional approach.
  • Optimize: Gut health, sleeping, mobility work, and biometric data.
  • Maintain & Enhance: Together we will monitor how you move, how you feel and how your body is functioning. It’s a team effort to ensure you are always feeling and performing at the top of your game.

And in the meantime, download one of these FREE reports so you can stop wasting time and money, avoid surgery, and instead feel confident and strong while living your best pain free life.

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